“Salute To Love”
To my love and to that which remains memorable,
To down and white jasmine floral vase,
To Summer Noons, Geraniums, and the Marvel of Peru.

The Artist Parirokh shah Yalani (Zangeneh) comes from Kashan underwent her primary education in Tehran. Her earliest schooling in song was under Master Nasrollah Zarincheh who thought Iranian song. She later attended the higher Academy of Music taught her Iranian song .she later attended the Higher Academy of Music where it was discovered that she possessed a “Lyrico Espinto voice” and was consequently tutored classical opera by Evelyn Baghcheban.

After this period she traveled extensively through Europe to both complete her education and gain experience .she traveled to Italy, Germany. And Austria during the course of which she was tutored in how to make the best use of her voice.

In 1350(1971) Ms. Zangeneh lost her sight as a result of a tragic car accident .However due to her strong sense of self and will power ,as expected ,she soon redefined her goals in life .Her main purpose in life henceforth became the provision of new stimuli for the visually impaired to lead full lives. She set out to prove that the loss of sight ,or indeed the loss of any other senses ,can not, in and of itself ,be an impediment to human achievement or scaling the height of talent.

In order to reach these goals, she now pursued her art far more seriously. After putting behind her problems arising from her personal and family life, she started to travel extensively in pursuit of her art. She performed in a great number of Concerts and very soon the fame of her soft and pleasing voice spread far and wide both on the national and international music stage. Memorable performances displaying her talent were held in many venues including the Alice Tully Hall at the Lincoln Center in New York, the Herbst Theater in San Francisco, Harvard University in Boston, Salle Gave in Paris, Hercules seal in Munich, at UCLA in los Angeles, the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, Palazzo Barberini in Rome and various concert halls throughout Japan.
Her frequent and varied travels throughout Iran were amongst her efforts to both acquaint the divers general Iranian Public with classical European Music and to raise funds to help cultural centers for the visually impaired in every corner of Iran.

ONE OF Ms. Zangeneh’s best singing performances to be her solo rendition of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony at performance in Florida wherein she was accompanied by the fort Lauderdale Orchestra under the direction of Larry Segal.
Among her other important works was the scientific reconstruction compilation of the traditional and folkloric songs of Iran in classical mode.
It is this artist’s considered opinion that the word today is in need of more kindness in order to bring about better relations between human beings. Music is one of the best means and can play a major role in the creation of these relationships. In this way an artist, by the use of artistic values that are universally recognized as the language of beauty, can further this goal. To this end Ms. Zangeneh has decided to concern herself with the creation of works whose main purpose is to bring this human feeling.
Pari Zangeneh has been awarded many commendations for her works including the international Golden Song Award. For her charitable and cultural works, she has been nominated as a goodwill Ambassador from the Governor of Texas.
Apart from her music and singing, this lady has other talents including the art of Floral Arrangement which she learnt at the Ohara Ikebana School of Japan .she has since taught this art to Iranians. She is also the author of several books including ‘Avay-e Nama az Iran Zamin’(‘Given names from the land of Iran’).This is a unique book which took 5 years to compile .Other books include works written for young children especially the blind, on nature subjects. Up to the present time this artist has produced more than 300 Lyrics and 10 manuscripts.

Ms. Zangeneh is currently busy working on three on manuscripts in her chosen fields of interest namely music and song, floral arrangement, and sight-impaired issues. These is in turned entitled ‘Ansooy-E Tariki’-(‘Beyond the Darkness’)